Never wait for a code review again.

Squire is a context aware agent who works with you to write pull request descriptions, review PRs, and learns how you like your code reviewed.

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Take the suck out of pull requests.

Less words, more syntax

Get away from essay writing, Squire writes pull request descriptions for you. Keep your team in sync with a clear description and changelog.

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Squire will review your code, really well

With an agentic workflow Squire has a team reviewing your PR with full context of your codebase. Able to catch many issues like: systemic breaking changes, security concerns, and even small spelling mistakes. We improve code quality and get your PR into production.

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Code reviews that catch your vibe

Squire learns how your team reviews code and fits your style. With explicit configuration and learning from your teams interactions.

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1 user

$20 /month


2 to 10 users

$100 /month


11 to 50 users

$500 /month


51 to 100 users

$1000 /month




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Squire is a devtool that works with you by writing pull request descriptions, reviewing PRs, and writing code to implement code review feedback.

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